Packing Tip…Roll it

I roll EVERYTHING in my bag. Both literally and figuratively. I have to bring a carry on sized suitcase and satchel everywhere I go. It can’t be too heavy or contain things I won’t need. Over the years I have perfected what I need to carry with me for as long as 6 days at a time. My biggest challenge is space so to maximise it I roll all my clothes tightly and have found this to allow me to pack more. I stuff runners with socks so no bit of space goes unused.

I know what you’re thinking. What about wrinkles? I don’t carry an iron!  Most hotels have them in room or you can call down to the front desk and have one brought up for free. Check with your hotel before arriving to confirm. Another trick if you get in a pickle with a wrinkled shirt and no iron is to hang it in the shower. The hangers (even the ones the hotel doesn’t want you to steal) slip over the shower head using the triangle part. I move the shower head so it is aimed at the back of the shower and will not drip on the shirt. I put the stopper in the tub to maximise the steam and not waste as much water. Turn the water on and to as hot as it goes, shut the curtain and the door. Give it a few minutes. Turn the water off and let the steam do it’s job. The downside to this is the water wasting. You could draw a bath using this method and the shower head to make sure the water gets used. I am not a fan of baths, especially not in a tub I didn’t clean but it is an idea.