I’d Buy that… London

Cheese – (real cheddar from the area that invented it. Cannot compare it to processed cheese slices.) Marks & Spencer (M&S) has small chunks for 99 pence one penny short of a pound – 2.50 Pounds each, and lots of types to try. Waitrose also has lots of affordable ones to try.  Check out the numbers on the packaging the lower the number the more mild the cheese, the higher, the sharper.  My favourite is the cranberry Wensleydale From M&S

Chocolate – Cadbury chocolate is British. It has a different taste than North American chocolate. I am told it is because it contains less preservatives.

Clothes – unless you live in Paris or New York clothes in London are at least one season ahead of what you will find at home in the same stores. Primark is my favourite for inexpensive clothes. Kids clothes are ridiculously low priced and seem to last long enough for kids to outgrow them. Ladies tank tops were £1 each last year, an amazing deal.