Pack this…Snacks

Snacks!!!  Do you hate the selection of food on the plane?  Do you have special dietary needs?  Anyone can bring their own food in your carry-on bag or checked luggage as long as the food passes customs regulations and airport security regulations for liquids and gel, such as yogurt, or humus.  Be aware that generally no fruit, veg, or meat are usually allowed into a foreign country.  Always declare what you bring to authorities when entering a country and check the country’s customs and agriculture websites to see what is definitely not allowed.   Keep in mind this may change depending on the time of year.  Travelling with kids? I love seeing parents who are prepared for long flights with age and nutrient appropriate snacks that airlines just cannot offer.  Are you flying with a lap held infant?  Check with your country’s security websites to see if you are travelling to one of the many countries where babies are exempt from liquid laws.  Grab an extra carton of milk inside security if you are in a country with stricter laws.  Airlines carry very small amounts of milk, make sure your kids are taken care of by buying your own in the terminal after the security checkpoint, especially if they require copious amounts for the flight.  Bags of chips, and granola bars instant soups or oatmeal are great on the plane or in a pinch you don’t enjoy the local cuisine.