Toronto, Canada

Well, again I did not end up where in the city I thought I was going to spend the night. Instead of Winnipeg I ended up in downtown Toronto dead tired. The crew and I went for a short walk as we had not had time to eat most of the day with changed flights and delays. We ventured out to the esplanade off Younge street and stopped in at the patio of the old spaghetti factory for a bite. Not a place I would usually go. In fact I have not been there since I was a teenager but the food was good. I had the manager’s special which is spaghetti and 2 kinds of sauces. Perfect for someone like me who cannot make their mind up. I chose the mizithra cheese and button mushroom sauces on the recommendation of the server and loved the combo. The cheese and butter sauce would have been way to dry. Mizithra cheese is a hard flavourful cheese like Parmesean. If I sound like I know what I am talking about I am glad since this was the first time I had ever heard of that variety. With bellies full we wandered back to the hotel in the hotter than I expected weather. I should probably mention I always try to carry a few things in my bag for various climates like a sweater, shorts, running shoes/trainers in case this kind of thing happens where I end up in a different time zone than expected.