NYC in July.

Ahhh. Walking through New York in the summer always makes me think of the song “Summer in the City”. There is a reason people leave the city during the stifling summer months. It is HOT. Humidity also plays a role in the feeling of closeness as does the number of tourists roaming the streets. I love this city even in the heat.

One of the girls I work with wanted to check out Century 21, a discount clothing store which was having an amazing sale of half off the lowest price for most of the items. I would guess it was an end of season sale getting the store ready for back to school shopping. To me it was deadly. The already fabulous prices on some awesome brands with a further deep discount meant I had to sit on my bag to get it closed to come home. I only get carry on luggage and it all has to fit in the bags. This trip the repacking was a struggle but it limited me to not spend more.

We headed uptown on Broadway through Soho and stopping in various cool housewares stores like CB3 a younger sleeker spin-off of Crate & Barrel. Sadly since my bags were full already I could not even consider purchasing anything else. We passed many food carts and we did turn our noses up at them at first but left full of regret that we did not try any of the street vendors NY is famous for. There was one cupcake truck we are really sorry we did not try. We went in search of it later but they had already packed up and left for another location.

After checking out all the food on our walk to Greenwich village to get dinner we walked through Washington square Park and saw kids playing in the fountain. Beating the heat. An improve theatre group performing an impromptu show and a pigeon man covered in birds and their feces while he fed them. only I’m NYC.

We found a little place On the uptown side of the aforementioned park called Panchito’s Mexican Restaurant, 105 McDougal st. It is known for its award winning margaritas and Mexican food. I had the enchiladas and loved them. My coworker had a burrito and really enjoyed it. I would go back. The food was filling, the service was okay. It seemed like there weren’t a ton of servers working there and the place seemed really big. We were in the front section not on the sidewalk but just inside still able to enjoy the view and weather.

After dinner We walked back to the hotel and called it a night.