Sorry for not writing sooner

Okay. I have received a bit of criticism lately. First for not updating my posts in a month and second for writing about food a lot. I will address the second point first.

The food. Sometimes I go to a city over and over again. I feel like I am repeating myself if I talk about the atmosphere and feel of a city again and again. I also get some really short layover where the crew or my focus is to find somewhere to eat. I like to try new places and share them with all of you. I also like to eat. I find the most hits I get off of search engines are for restaurants.   I will continue to talk about food I may even add pictures if I can get my camera fixed and remember to bring it.

As for not posting in a while I spent every Thursday in Canada’s capital, Ottawa and will be doing a summary of my exploits. I also have been sick. Nothing serious but it has lessened my ability to find time to write. Lastly every year I have to retrain and test my knowledge of federal laws regarding my job. It takes a lot of studying and prep work to past the tests and I like to devote myself to this as much as possible to be certain I can retain my qualifications and continue to write for you the rest of the year. Oh and I asked some friends who agreed to send me info as they go to awesome exotic destinations to send me some ideas of where they go but have not heard back yet.