NYC in September

I was supposed to be in NY just before the anniversary of September 11 this year but we ended up stuck in Toronto, Canada instead.  I can’t Say I’m not happy to have not been in NY that day. It is a hard day for anyone who works in the airlines, firefighters, police, EMS, New Yorkers, anyone in Washington DC, Pennsylvania and to name a few.  There was a heightened sense of security this year and while I wanted to remember those who fell on sept 11 I have to admit I was scared of being in NY the days leading up to the anniversary. I felt as though the world was watching and holding it’s breath to make sure all went well and the terrible did not happen again. I intend to visit the newly opened memorial but need a long day to proceeds the sadness it will evoke.  Today I am in NY. It is the end of September. The city is teeming with tourists and the city is still keeping out a watchful eye. I had heard that new York if beautiful in the fall and I cannot get over the weather.  There was rain yesterday which delayed our arrival but today though it is cloudy it is warm and HUMID, not deep south (USA) in august humid but muggy none the less. The sky is very grey today and the city looks like an episode of “Law and Order” with the hues it covers. I chose to make my way to Battery city and the World financial place. This is in the downtown area of NYC.  There is a beautiful river promenade for biking, running and walking that boarders the river. I grabbed a salmon salad from inside the courtyard at the World Financial Plaza at financier pâtisserie. It was $11.70 for the salad and a diet coke can. They have a soup and half sandwich deal for $8 but I could not imagine eating soup in this heat.  There were other places to eat such as a pizzeria in the courtyard and restaurants outside. NY makes it very easy to see the last Heath inspection records if anyone is interested. They are posted on the front door/window of the establishment and follow a letter grading system with A as the highest.   I took my food  outside to the walkway area found a bench a little further downtown (there is no shortage of seating on the Esplanade  by the way) and am enjoying my lunch watching boats, helicopters go by the backdrop of Ellis Island, thr Hudson River and the statue of Liberty. If you get a chance to got to Ellis island I recommend it. I did it in the nineteen nineties and learned a lot about what it took to immigrate to the United States in bygone eras. The audio tour was well worth it.