So I heard…Tokyo

I was flying with one of our Japanese flight attendants and asked her where she goes to eat when she goes back to the country she grew up in. This is going to sound odd but she said Burger King. Yes, the international fast food burger place is one of the places she like to go. My friend explained that to her it was an experience she could not get elsewhere. For starters the cleanliness to her is unparalleled of the restaurant, the food and it’s presentation. The folding of the burger wrappers are crisply done and akin to the Japanese art of paper-folding, origami, for her. The food tasted different she went on to say, than you would get from the same chain anywhere else. I have found this too. When I was younger and less willing to try new and unfamiliar places to eat I would find a McDonald’s. It just wasn’t the same. Either the sizing was different, or the food tasted different due to how was cooked, the oil, or the ingredients used. The meat came from different areas and just wasn’t the same. So if I make to Tokyo I will give BK a try just to see what all the buzz is about from my friend.