Tokyo Day 1

I was lucky enough to get a 72 hour (3 day) layover in one of the world’s biggest cities. I have wanted to visit Japan my entire life and watched “Lost in Translation” the movie to prepare myself for the culture shock. Well, I don’t know quite what I was expecting but I am not so sure about Tokyo. So far it is not at all like it is in movies. The drive from the airport in Narita took over 2 hours as it was a holiday Sunday! I went out for dinner with the crew as I was very tired and totally lost feeling not reading or speaking the language.   The crew chose Italian food at Al Dente. The food was great but I came all this way to Japan to eat Japanese food?!  I would have preferred Japanese food.  It became my goal to eat more traditionally.  I had a mushroom and bacon pasta. It was really good and with a coke cost about 1500 ¥. The mushrooms were Japanese shitake ones, of course.

After dinner we wandered around. it was really cold but everyone was nice enough to show me a karaoke bar.  I had hoped we could stay and sing for a while but I was way too tired to contemplate singing.  It was very neat, I think it was called the Cube.  It was designed with rooms for single singers or groups of two.  It was filled with more smoke than sounds of music.   The one room we viewed, we did not stay as everyone was tired, was a box place. You buy time and a drink and can go and sing.  According to one of the girls who used to live in the area it was popular to come and practise in a place like this.  I had intended to come back and try to be the singing sensation I know I am in the shower but I ran out of time. We then went to a local small grocery store, Maruetsu Petit. I bought a couple of carbonated drinks one lemon one melon cream. I also got a soy aloe yogurt and a bag of chocolate drizzled potato chips.  The soy aloe yogurt was so good and refreshing I went back and bought quite a few for my stay.