You guessed it if it’s June I must be in Ottawa. This time I met my sister who was out here in business and was able to show her my favourite spots in Ottawa. She was in town for a very short time. The only day she had free time happened to be the day I was in Ottawa, too. We took a couple of hours to do a mini walk around the downtown heart of the city. We started over at the Canadian Parliament buildings, of course, I am a firm believer that every trip to Canada’s capital should include this site. After countless of trips here I never get tired of seeing the sandstone buildings. We were able to walk around the grounds and see the beautiful view of Gatineau, Quebec and the River. My sister was a little surprised at how close French Canada was. It is literally across the river from the capital building. A lot of people who work in Ottawa live in Quebec, houses are cheaper but taxes are higher. Next we walked past the war memorial and canal, complete with locks, over to the Byward market. I showed her my favourite stalls to buy maple syrup, and shops to buy French books (Librarie du soleil), and the cheese stores to purchase cheese curds for making poutine. Poutine is fries, gravy and cheese curds, totally calorie free by the way ;). After checking out the market and the paper papier store and their awesome collection of cards and all things paper my sister confessed she hadn’t worn the best shoes for walking the city. We ventured in to Rideau Place which is an indoor shopping mall similar to any mall to pick up bandages. Lunch loomed as a challenge out first choice for food was closed for renos and we had a hard time agreeing on the kind of food we should have, not a huge surprise since we didn’t agree on much growing up. We are good friends now though, sisterly love gets better with age. We were able to settle on the Black thorn pub. Being that it was Monday morning the restaurants were all empty. The service was a little slow to start with but the food was good. I had a yummy club sandwich and salad. My sister had a burger and salad. She wasn’t that fond of the Dijon mustard on the bun but we both loved the Caesar salad dressing. It wasn’t your typical heavy creamy garlicky dressing instead it was a light vinaigrette with a hint of garlic. Since lunch marked the end of my sister’s free time I walked her back to her hotel pointing out restaurants and stores along the way with the occasional nugget of touristy history. We passed through Major Hill Park which offered her a view of the national Gallery, up Sparks street. I was do happy to spend the day with my sister. I realised that I have the perfect job for travelling and sightseeing. She got to the city and has to work. I got to work to the city and then get to rest and be a tourist.