Mele Kalikimaka from Maui

I feel like I am never on time landing in Maui and Christmas Eve was no different.  After an arrival to the hotel at more than 5 hours after we were expected I was looking forward to a good night’s sleep.  I was less than thrilled when after laying down to rest at around 3:30am I was awoken with a start at 8am Christmas morning.  In a disoriented state I was jolted out of my slumber unsure if Santa was trapped in my room of if there was some sort of emergency when I heard people cheering.  It turned out to be neither, and I sure as heck wasn’t jolly after less than five hours of sleep.  I was greeted to the entire hotel staff singing Christmas carols in the courtyard under my room.   I was really not feeling the cheer and holiday spirit as I waited impatiently for them to finish after discovering that earplugs would not dampen the noise.  I am usually not a Grinch and love Christmas and all its usual trimmings but was in no mood to listen to song of joy and happiness when I was so far away from everyone I cared about on this holiday and was particularily scroogy after a less than adequate hibernation.  After having spent 30 minutes fuming in my room I came to the conclusion that it would be best to rise and face the day as lonely as it may be. 

I find in Maui everyone does their own thing and no one meets up for food much as they all have different agendas planned and the crews for Hawaii are much smaller than an international crew.  I sat by the pool and caught a few rays while I watched families enjoying the holiday together.  It only made me more unhappy to see them together celebrating when I couldn’t get the wifi connection to last longer than half a minute so I might be able to wish my family a Merry Christmas on the iphone ‘s Facetime.  Resolved to the fact that I would not be getting any kind of familial bonding over technology today I gave up and wandered down the beach and eventually ended up at Whaler’s Village on Ka’anapali beach.  My moods shifted when I saw that I could shop my holiday blues away.  My favourite Hawaiian tourist chain souvenir shop, the ABC store, was open as were various other stores and restaurants.  There were a few places closed but not enough for one to realise this was the major holiday of the year.  I found solace in the other workers that had to be away from their family and perused the shelves for quite a while keeping my mind off the festivities.

I had a very good order of fish tacos from the Mr Taco fast food kiosk downstairs.  I don’t know what it is when I think of Hawaii, I instantly crave fish tacos.  I dragged my purchases back to the hotel and grabbed my book again to make a second attempt at laying in the sun.  I did succeed in napping by the pool and get some much needed rest and improving my mood vastly with the shut eye.  While everyone else was getting ready to spend their Christmas dinner at a restaurant eating turkey and mashed potatoes with family, I got an order of take out nachos to carry down to the beach.  While I did have to be working, and I was missing those I loved I was happy I was somewhere warm, enjoying my dinner watching the waves roll in with a sandman as a companion .  I was luck to watch Santa coming in to great children on an outrigger canoe instead of a sleigh.  I did get to celebrate the holiday on another day with my family later in the week.  Doing what I do, you realise that special days are what you make of them and when you make them, not a date on a calendar.  I have moved birthdays, holidays, anniversaries to dates that work with my schedule.  I have learned to be flexible.