Montego Bay, Jamaica

I love sun in the winter, even if it is a 19 hour layover of which 8 hours is spent sleeping.  We landed early, you have to love that when you know a beach chair is waiting for you at the hotel.  We went to our all inclusive, still not sold on the idea of being tethered to the hotel for all my meals if I were on my own vacation but for a short time it saves me from having to think about where I am going to eat while I lay by the pool.  We made it in time to enjoy the last vestiges of sunlight and watch a magnificent sunset, well I was a little later than everyone else.  Mental note make sure I am sun destination ready before I leave so I don’t waste one minute of daylight next time shaving my legs. Canadian winters are long and some things tend to slide by the wayside when you don’t have the need to do them smooth legs are definitely one.  I am not a drinker, not for any reason other than I hate the way that alcohol tastes, the rum wastes a perfectly good virgin pina colada, so I don’t drink.  I opt for the non-alcoholic bevies which won’t waste the precious few hours of beach time the next morning.

Sitting by the pool having a delicious umbrella’d drink in my hand made the thoughts of a harsh Canadian winter seem so far away.  The whole crew met up for dinner at the buffet.  One of the things that really make me shy away from all inclusive resorts on my own vacations is the restrictions on where you can eat.  For this hotel and others I have stayed at with work you must have a certain numbers of nights staying at the hotel to make reservations at the restaurants otherwise it is the buffet, as we are only in for the night buffet it was.  The food was actually pretty good compared to how some buffets are.  I like to be adventurous at times like this and try things I would normally not think of eating.  I will often stop and chat with the staff manning the buffet and ask about the regional dishes, fruits and vegetables.  I have found some fruits that I loved like Jamaican apple and others I was not too fond of like star fruit.  We spent quite a bit of time checking out the spread, mostly the dessert table to be honest.   I really like to make sure I appreciate the staff after having held a short conversation with our server he came over to show us a really neat trick balancing forks on a wine cork using toothpicks.  It was quite mind blowing to see him set it up at lightning speed and then have one of us fail miserably when we tried to replicate it.

After our party game at the restaurant we stopped by the nightly show.  Since it was Saturday again it was the Jamaican Heritage performance, minus the cute little boy from two weeks previous but still was engaging.  I think half the fun I had was watching the crowd watch the show and see their amazement when the limbo guy got down and back up from a 6 inch gap between the floor and fire sticks.

After a long day I headed off to bed to ensure I could see a bit of daylight before I had to get ready for work.  The next morning my day started off with a solo buffet breakfast,  laying around the
pool, a brisk swim, and then laying on the beach.   Tough life but someone has to lead it.  Seriously, as I watched the men on paddle boards peddle their wares from the ocean I felt lucky.  A small crab scuttled by bringing a smile to my lips as I doubted anyone back home was so relaxed and at peace.  A quick lunch on the patio and then getting ready for work by doing my hair and makeup on the balcony of my room squeezing out the last few rays I could before I went back to the great white north.