Los Angeles


I am doing two trips to LA back to back.  I was in dire need of a good shopping excursion to Target since one has not opened up in my city as of yet.  I spent a couple of hours wandering the aisles of the store carefully selecting my purchases.   From Target I made my way to the South Bay Galleria in Torrance.  I love the kid’s clothes in Kohl’s.  They have great sales and I tried on a few dresses for myself before deciding that this season’s hemlines are not as flattering on me as the mannequins make out they would be.  I was feeling a tad peckish and popped up to the food court.  One of the things I love is that the area requires each item’s caloric value be listed on the menus.  It enables me to make wiser, not necessarily wise, decisions about my snacking.  It seems to be sometimes in foreign countries I gravitated to places I know and have heard of, what else but Mcdonald’s French fries.  They do taste different everywhere though.  I opted for something I had never seen before, McFish Bites, something my sister said I should have guessed would not be as good as I imagined.  They were mediocre at best but then again I am not a huge fast food fan anymore, and have not enjoyed a fish sandwich since I was a child.  One thing I was struck by though was the size of portions, those being eaten and those being served.  The choice of fast and convenient food is vastly outweighing the healthy options.  I was unable to see anything appealing among the burgers, fried food, and desserts.


After shopping I was craving the fresh sea air.  It isn’t a trip to LA for me without a walk on the beach.  One of my favourite spits of sand is Hermosa Beach.  There is something about walking along the strand watching the skateboarders, runners, dog walkers and beach volley ball players that just make all ones cares melt away.  Another one of my favourite treats in LA, besides the beach is sushi.  The tradition started a while ago as a friend of mine lives in LA and we try and get together spilling soy sauce, I blame the jetlag, and eating sushi rolls as often as possible.  There is one we have been to in Hermosa Beach that we have tried and this time I was going back alone.  I don’t really get bothered about eating alone, I find it quite relaxing eating at my own pace and observing the other diners keeps me entertained.  I often wonder who they are and what are the relationships they have to their dining companions?  Today, though,  I was tired from shopping until I just about dropped and opted to take my crunch rolls to go.  Crunch rolls are really yummy and as far as I have seen hard to find outside of LA.  While I was waiting for my food to be prepared I wandered the pier basking in the last vestiges of daylight and the salty air scent.  There was a sea lion which had come ashore not too far from my perch.  Later I heard that there have been an astronomical number of sea lion pups washing ashore requiring help due to a harder to find food source.  The news report made me feel sad for this guy I saw and hope that he was merely resting and not in distress.  I took my food back to my room to ensure I would be in bed early for my early wakeup call the next morning.