Life as an FA

Years ago, when I first began my wandering journey, I had no idea what to expect.  I fly at most 18 days a month and at least 12.  I spend half of my month away from home but I also have a lot of time off considering each month is 30 days.  There are a few things about life in the air I should probably explain before I get started.  Layovers- this is when I am in a city long enough to sleep in a hotel, it can be a day or night layover just so long as I get at least 10 hours in a city.  There are short layovers, 10-16 hours and at an airport hotel, or a long layover, 16 hours or more in a city.  A few hours in an airport is not a layover, it is a stopover, a wait, or my favourite an airport appreciation session.  There are different kinds of flights domestic and international, I tend to get more of the former with a sprinkling of the latter lately.  I have to squeeze sleeping and eating into short layover so, I tend to not venture out of my hotel room on short layovers.  Turns- many of my coworkers like to work turns.  They leave and come back home to sleep in their own beds every night.  I am not as fond of turns since you only get stopovers in the airports of less than 3 hours so you never leave the airport.  I like to explore they aren’t my cup of tea.