It was a very short layover

We had a girl on the flight it was her first time on a plane ever as a young adult barely old enough to drink. So excited to see the new York skyline. It was very refreshing to see someone marvelling at the thought of flight. I forget sometimes how amazing a feat flight is. A massive, millions of dollars worth of machinery hurling through the air at speeds five times of a car on a highway, quite impressive really.

We are not on this side of the North American continent for more than 11 hours to sleep, eat and get ready for our next flight. It was a transcontinental journey for us Having started our day in Los Angeles. I had the chance to glimpse both shoreline coasts, east and west in a mere half a day. I was very hungry by the time we got to our hotel from our massive ride yesterday. Most of my crew was going to their rooms to eat the dinner they packed from home but I had a mishap with my ice container and my perishable food was too dodgy to attempt to eat and not fret about getting ill. I opted to join the pilots I was working with on their dinner plans. We are not usually staying at the same hotel as the pilots we have just worked with anymore. When I first started and still on the overseas routes the front end and back end crews would meet for food regularly. It was nice to have the opportunity to get to hang out with “the fly boys”.

The restaurant our captain had chosen was Ruby Tuesday’s It is across from the Jersey Gardens Outlet Mall in Elizabeth, New Jersey. I am told the mall is home to many fantastic bargains and finds. Sadly I have never made it here whilst the stores are open. It has even been talked up by some of the pilots and you know if they say the shopping is great it must be. Pilots are rarely the shoppers on the crew, usually the FAs are.

Ruby Tuesday’s is across the street from the mall and within walking distance from at least a dozen hotels. It has a well talked about salad bar. After quickly perusing the menu I chose the hickory bourbon salmon. The choice comes with two side dishes (including the all you can eat salad bar) at no extra cost. I opted for the steamed broccoli and salad bar. The salmon portion was enough for me to have half for dinner and half for lunch the next afternoon on the flight home. I found the sizing very large but both the captain and first officer found they could have had a bigger protein portion. My total with a tip, tax, main course, and a glass of pop was under $25. The restaurant was not busy despite it being mother’s day which was surprising. It was good but I would like to try the IHoP next time.


Back at the hotel it was a short workout, I did manage to get a half an hour on the hotel’s stationary bike despite my epic ride yesterday, and off to bed for an early departure the next morning.