Newark, Another Short Stay

I prefer longer layovers to shorter ones but often I do not have a choice.  On some trips or pairings, as we call groups of flights, the two get lumped together.  Tonight the stay in Newark was one of the shortest ones we can do, less than 11 hours between flights, leaving little time to get to the hotel, eat, sleep and get ready the next morning.  I usually bring most of my food with me for during my work day but after a few days on the road in and out of Canadian and American customs numerous times, I had run out of fresh food.  One of the other flight attendants and I went to Ruby Tuesday’s.  I had been there last week and with few options in the New Jersey Mall area when the mall is closed and I am tired of eating airport delicacies after dining on them for over a decade.

Sometimes after a long day of flying and quite a few days away I tend to crave two thing fresh fruit and veggies or a hot meal.  That evening, the salad bar was calling my name and hit the spot.  We weren’t out long and the service was very quick at the restaurant so I was able to get back to the hotel and in bed for a decent night’s sleep.  The next morning came too early though, just as morning always does on the eastern coast.   My day only got busier after I landed at home.