Leavitt’s Ice Cream Shop- Calgary

Sitting on reserve has so far meant a fair amount of sitting.  I had to get out of the house on my days off and the weather was beautiful.  A local ice cream parlour was beckoning with its promise of summer.  There are a few places that those who grew up in Calgary remember fondly when the weather gets warm.  The one I chose was one I had been to many summers in a row, Leavitt’s Ice cream shop on Memorial Drive near the Bow river.  Leavitt’s is also known as Lics.  Once inside the shop where to line up and order is as confusing as an M.C. Escher staircase.

Inside Leavitt's Ice Cream Shop

Inside Leavitt’s Ice Cream Shop

Here’s the skinny you line up at the cash register first, pay and then slide down, hand over your receipt and choose your flavours.  When you walk in don’t focus on what tantilising selection of creamy iced goodness there is right away, they are all written on the board behind the counter, instead decide what size, how many flavours, and kind of cone you have the appetite for.  The seating inside and outside the store is minimal but I recommend you take your treat across the street and enjoy part of the fantastic bike and walking paths along the river.  My flavours of choice are the coconut and the black licorice, I chose the latter.

Choices, Choices @ Lic's

Choices, Choices @ Lic’s