When things just dont work out

Sometimes things just don’t work out as planned. Three times this month I tried to get to New York City and thrice I failed at my attempts.  The reason as to why I didn’t make it vary from extraordinarily poor weather, thunder showers in both my departing and arriving environs as well as flooding in Toronto made for the reasons of my first aborted attempt.  The second was due to my own illness which kept me grounded, and lastly an aircraft incident where thankfully only minor injuries have been reported thus far delayed my plans. I am beginning to think I am not meant to check out the big apple this summer.  When cancellations and delays occur they are equally as disruptive to crew as they are to the passengers they ferry.  Often we end up in cities with few accommodations, short rests, long days and returning home much later than expected disrupting personal lives.  Sometimes it is hard on relationships with those who are not in the industry to comprehend that the best laid plans are broken more often than not.  When deviations from an awarded schedule occur you may hear a flight attendant remark “it is because I have plans… When will I learn to never make plans!”  Not to say that we are a superstitious bunch just to say that changes occur.  In summer the hazards are thunderstorms, and hurricanes.  In winter snow storms and the inevitable de-icing delays the frostiness brings discord with many a crew member and passenger.  You learn to be flexible, that nothing is certain until it actually occurs and to always remain hopeful, or you will go mad with worry and panic.  Instead of shopping and sightseeing in the city that never sleeps, I barely slept before travelling as a passenger back to Canada.  the upside was I got to see the Manhattan skyline as we taxied to take off.