Calgary – NOtaBLE restaurant

Nestled in the neighbourhood of Montgomery is a fabulous restaurant called NOtaBLE.  Numerous awards have been bestowed upon the proprietor and chef, Michael Noble.  The area is not where you would expect to see a three year old restaurant that foodies flock to.  There is plenty of street parking and a small patio area outside the restaurant.  I decided to grab a bite with a friend on rather short notice.  We did not have reservations as we decided off the cuff where to go and as such chose to eat at the rotisserie rather than wait the half hour for a table to free up.  A full menu is available in both the bar and the rotisserie.  The only downside was the intense heat from the kitchen, if we had been any closer I would have walked away with a sunburn.  The service is great, everything is explained from what their signature dishes are, to which way they are going to set down the dishes and questions are answered easily and fully.  I opted for the Mac and Cheese, gluten free pasta, cheese, lobster and truffle oil, a rich dish but how can you go wrong with truffles and lobster?  An order of grilled bread with olive tapenade filled out my order.  The bread was perfect to soak up all the sauce from the main course.  The pasta as it was gluten free so it tended to fall apart easily making it hard to spear and eat daintily.  It wouldn’t be my choice for a first date for that reason but once you are ready to get over how you eat in front of someone and are able to laugh at how many times the food doesn’t make it from the fork to your mouth it is worth it for the taste.  My friend opted for the featured burger, while it too was messy, it was delicious.  Good thing we are forgiving of how each other looks whilst eating.  The restaurant was popular that evening with local celebrities.  Ravinder Minhas, founder of Minhas brewery, Jan Hansen, Executive Chef at Heritage Park and W. Brett Wilson, businessman and former Dragon on Dragon’s Den, were among the patrons we saw whilst enjoying our evening.  Notable was just that, notable.  I will definitely be back, with reservations next time though.