I’d Buy That…London

When In London a few of the items I pick up are as follows:

– Muffins, Scones, and Crumpets (I have a few friends who prefer actual English muffins, scone, and crumpets to Canadian ones.  In Canada the products tend to be crisper and a little stale tasting my friends feel.)

– Desserts ( I have often brought Treacle Tart, Sticky toffee pudding and other traditional English desserts home when I am hosting guests the day after my return or if I am heading over to a friends)

– Cheese ( English hard cheese is a favourite of mine and a staple at my Christmas Party.  I have been known to bring it to potlucks too.  Mark and Spencer has my favourite selections, especially at Christmas)

Increased Liquid restrictions for crew mean I cannot purchase any creams, pastes or liquids, so English beer in my collection is out of the question.