I’d Buy that…Germany

When I go to Frankfurt I, Like many of my friends, have a long shopping list.  Here are a few of the things I bought last time I was in Mainz:

-Mustard (I love the mild and hot versions and who doesn’t love any tubed condiment?!)

-Beer (My friends know my fridge is stocked with foreign beers when they come over and they love it.  I love getting import drinks super cheap.)

-Hair Products (my shampoo at home is $10 here it works out to $3 a bottle.  I also love that my hair spray says HAARSPRAY)

-Chocolate (I don’t need an excuse to buy chocolate anywhere but Germany is known for good chocolate.  I buy everything from grocery store candy bars to chocolate shop boxes that make great hostess gifts just keep an eye on the expiry dates)

-Sauerkraut (it just tastes better when it is from Germany)

-Schnitzel mix (again it just tastes better when it is from Germany.  I get a co-worker to give me a hand with he translation on cooking instructions if It is only in German)

-Die Schlumpfs (Haribo candy makes a Smurfs gummy candy.  there is something fun and kind of twisted on the German translation of the name.  Besides it doesn’t count as calories if you eat them head first whilst yelling “Die Smurf” does it?)