Travel Tip #1 -restrooms

Use the restrooms! If you are in a restaurant or at an attraction chances are the toilets will be more to your liking than a random set of public lavatories you find at the last minute. I have heard a lot of horror stories from friends where they have had to run around, pay for the use of the toilets or been very unimpressed with the condition the facilities are kept in when they have had to search for public washrooms. I have had my own horror stories where I chose a nice high end department store to stop quickly at their facilities only to find a couple quite intimately involved out in the open. It wasn’t the late night bar kind of interaction either, it was a for money transaction. Needless to say I chose to find a different place to relive myself.  In some cities it is customary to have pay toilets, and most restaurants reserve their loos for customers only. So why not use them. Especially when you travel with kids. You never know where the next washroom is, or what condition it will be in. Kids have a knack for choosing the most inopportune moments to have to tinkle.

The other thing is bathrooms on planes. Face it the ratio of toilets to passengers is abysmal.  Why not use the ones in the airport?  Often in Canada we discourage running water whilst on the ground to avoid ice hazards for workers on the ground. Yep. Those drains exit straight outside (not the toilets they are sent to a waste tank). So some carriers have switched to antiseptic wipes for digits after washroom visits until the plane takes off, I am told. I just hope people are using them.  It is difficult for flight attendants when you choose to use the loo just as the plane is ready to pushback as all passengers must be seated for the plane to move. 200 people may be waiting for one shy bladder to empty before they can leave on time. I prefer to use the restrooms in the airport before the flight boards just in case there is turbulence after takeoff or long de-icing waits and the seatbelt sign is on.