No time to think, let alone write

AGHHH!!!  I have been so busy flying and gathering awesome stories to write about I haven’t had time to write any of them.  I have been sitting here staring at my screen all afternoon, the first day I have had to write in a very long time and I don’t know where to start.  I have had amazing trips to Las Vegas, a couple of them, a 48 hour/2 day layover in Maui that was so fantastic I fell in love with Hawaii all over again.  I am headed to Winnipeg this week for a nice long 19 hour repose and am hoping to get some writing done rather than going out and doing my usual exploring.

I also plan to hit the gym, let me tell you that the Christmas goodies weren’t very kind to me in my bikini this week-end.  That is one of the fabulous things about my job and one of the pitfalls, I must be bikini ready at the drop of a hat but also want to enjoy all the treats from the places that I visit.  I know a first world problem that many would love to have to face but trust me it can seriously weigh on a girl.  Yes, that was a pun.  I am sorry.

Oh the places I have been, they are forever seared in my brain but are all clamouring to get on to paper at once.  I promise more eventful evening tales are coming, like dining with strangers, having dinner in a church, wandering through centuries old artifacts in museums, whale watching, to finding myself agog at a horde of twenty-something girls professing their love for the star of a British television show, dancing the night away in Vegas in clubs, and on the street listening to bands, good food, great food and even better food.  You see now the problems I have as to which one I will journal first.  They are all such fun times and unique stories.

I am staring out at the cold afternoon remembering the hot Hawaiian sun that graced my still burnt shoulders not a couple of days ago wondering where my journey will take me next.  I will be posting soon so keep checking back.