Pack this … An Umbrella

I have a very small one that is ultra light and takes up less room than a pair of socks.  It lives in the bottom of my rolling valise.  I cannot tell you how many times it has made an appearance despite how vehemently the weather forecasters predicted sunshine.  It also comes in handy for those unexpected layovers due to irregular operations.  If you are stuck somewhere and have the chance to explore or need to run out I know I would prefer an umbrella to the drown rat look.  Some hotels do have loaner “brollies” that can be signed out but here is why I carry my own:

– There is a finite number of umbrellas to be loaned out.  When they are gone the only other option is to do the soggy old newspaper shield of if you are lucky use your hood.

– Some hotels charge either a fee or a deposit for the use of their umbrellas.

– Lastly they are massive.  I suspect it is to prevent the guests from absconding with them in their luggage, but I have heard of people stealing the drapes so the size may not deter some thieves.

If I am going to carry around an umbrella I like the kind that can be discreetly slipped in my carry all sac instead of a Victorian style walking stick that I could impale myself on if I slipped on the wet sidewalk.