Peters’ Drive-in – Calgary

UPDATE *** Peters’ Drive-In has finally entered the 1990’s as their street sign and twitter account state, they now accept Debit cards as a form of payment.  Despite the signs as you enter the drive thru line and on the menu boards payment is no longer cash only.  I have tested this and can attest that both the walk up and drive through windows do take debit.  Congratulations to Peters’ for almost updating to the 21st century.  The queues did not take any longer than previous waits despite the electronic form of payment.  I watched and quite a few patrons ahead of me also paid by bank card.  This advent will make it easier for more customers to stop in.  I know what you are thinking a milkshake in the middle of winter?!  I can say it is never too cold for one of Peters’ famous shakes.***

A fixture in Calgary for over fifty years is Peters’ drive in. There isn’t an indoor seating area but there is a large parking lot next to the establishment with picnic tables and benches where diners come to enjoy their meal. The restaurant is known for its burgers made in a special sauce with an extra half a patty per size. A single burger is a patty and a half a double two and a half, so on and so forth.  The burgers not have monstrous thick patties either. They are a manageable size you can fit you mouth around but there is plenty of meat with the extra half a patty.

Equally as famous are the milkshakes. There is a laundry list of flavours to choose from and you can mix up to 3 flavours. Peters’ advertises over 4700 flavours with all possible combinations and permutations. I like to keep it simple when I come here and get a root beer milkshake. One flavour is plenty for me.  The milkshakes are just the way June Cleaver would have made them, with real ice cream and real fruit.  The menu of course features sundaes, floats, hot dogs, fries and onion rings, everything a good 1960’s era drive-in should have available.

There are two ways to get your food. You either use the drive through which utilises both sides of the building, so if you are alone in the car make sure you use the correct line or you will have to slide across to the passenger seat to pay and get your order. The other option is to park, get out of the car and use the service windows on the front of the diner. The latter is a favourite of the Friday and Saturday evening teen crowd.  It can get quite busy out front on a weekend. The drive through moves quickly with the dual lane service.

For somethings it feels as though it is still the mid-1960s, to speed up service Peter’s drive-in is a cash only business so don’t try and pay with any of that dangled 21st century plastic or you will be going hungry. There are washrooms on the backside of the building between the drive through lanes so fear not if the little ones have to make a pit stop. Peters’ is a favourite with families and teens alike. The closer to a meal period the busier it gets, I like to go earlier rather than later. It is open late (9am- midnight 7 days a week) for that last bite after a long trip or party and conveniently located on 16th avenue NE  (the trans canasta highway).