Travel Tips – Daylight Savings

I am not a fan of losing an hour of sleep when I am usually jet lagged, no matter where I happen to be. Springing forward is my second most loathsome time of year.  I happen to hate a very cold February like the one we experienced ever so slightly more. Even though my mornings will now be greeted by the sun rather than showing up at the airport at O’dark hundred as we call early morning flight check-ins in the winter. One important thing to take note of as a world traveller is the time change and when it occurs in the area you are travelling to and from. It is possible though it may not occur at all.

This weekend, this morning at 02:00 (2AM for all the non-airlines/military folks out there)  most of Canada switched to Daylight Savings Time (DST) so all those who are schedule driven felt the hurt this morning.  Twitter was rife with young mothers ruing the time change and Toronto’s Mayor making the mistake to tell followers to fall back, but not all areas  in Canada change.  Saskatchewan, yes that is a real place a province in fact, does not change it’s time, at all, ever. So if one is from Saskatchewan and travelling to another province make a note of when the time changes so you will not miss your flight. The nice thing nowadays is that most cell phones adjust to the time change without any fiddling by the user.

Years a ago I was working a flight in to an area that did not change time in Bullshead, Arizona.  It had not sprung forward but the most of our passengers were coming from Laughlin, Nevada which had. Travellers assumed they were still an hour behind the local time at the airport but were not, they were late as it was the same time in Arizona as it was in Nevada. The flight was kindly delayed by the airline I worked for at the time but not all airlines have that flexibility for scheduled service. It would be terrible and no fault of the airlines if you showed up for a flight late if you were not cognizant of when time may or may not change.

Different areas that change do not all do so at the same time. Some countries choose different dates to move their clocks.  I like to check with the Time and Date website HERE and see if I will be affected.  Don’t panic just plan for it, that way you will not be late. I just wish there was a way to catch up on that hour of sleep I feel like I lost this morning.