Pack this… rather don’t pack this

Please do not pack alcohol in your carry on for consumption on board the airplane. Please do not buy alcohol in the airport to consume on board the airplane.

While it may seem tempting to grab a few minis at the liquor store before your flight and put them in your liquid baggie please don’t. Save that space instead for a small toothpaste for freshening up on the plane. Most do not realise that their attempt to save a few dollars on airline drink charges can land them with an entirely different kind of charge, of the legal variety. Aviation laws prohibit passengers from consuming alcohol they did not purchase onboard. This is a safety precaution for you and the airline. No one wants a drunken seatmate who gets out of hand and tries to start fights, or gets too friendly with the flight attendants, not to mention the medical issues that can occur after having consumed copious amounts of booze at cruising altitude. The airlines staff are required to monitor the onboard consumption and watch closely the effect alcohol is having on those drinking it to avoid many issues. Diverting an aircraft is costly and airlines have won court cases to have the costs repaid by the drunk and disorderly passenger if they need to make an unexpected stop to boot them off. Say for example, you are headed to a different country, not all customs agents will think you are as charming a drunk as you think you are. If you consume your own alcohol and underestimate how alcohol hits you in a pressurised cylinder you may just find yourself in a very small room with a police officer or customs agent getting to know you intimately. Lastly, should you have more than one flight and appear to be drunk the airlines has a right to deny you boarding to your next flight.

So when packing your bags leave the liquor for your destination or pack your credit card and pony up the cost of a bevy in the friendly skies. Just remember if you drink don’t drive at your destination opt for a taxi instead.