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I have been flying as a Flight Attendant for over a decade. I enjoy sightseeing, eating at new places and exploring the places I visit. the view form 30 000 feet is amazing, grab your suitcase and join me as I see each city for 12-24 hours at a time....

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Change of Scenery…

I have been writing for a while and am currently moving my blog travels with a flight attendant to it’s new home.  It is exciting and incredibly overwhelming to say the least.  The learning curve has been quite steep and I am probably going to be tweaking things slightly as I go.  Please let me(…)

Deerlake, Newfoundland

Deerlake, Newfoundland

From the sandy beaches and sun streaming in Jamaica to the water lined by thick woods in Deerlake.  I joked about my job being all glamour when I found out I was going to be going to a small town in the last province to join the then dominion of Canada.  I was a little(…)

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Montego Bay, Jamaica

I love sun in the winter, even if it is a 19 hour layover of which 8 hours is spent sleeping.  We landed early, you have to love that when you know a beach chair is waiting for you at the hotel.  We went to our all inclusive, still not sold on the idea of(…)

So I heard… Malibu, California.

I had the pleasure of meeting someone my sister works with. Don was tellin us about a recent trip he took to California. He drove hours for what he called the best taquito. Howdy’s Taqueria in Malibu, California. Don said they were really cheap but amazing, well worth the drive. So if you are in(…)

Halifax, Canada

I met one of my close friends early in the morning. She picked me up and we drove to this tiny restaurant that I would blissful more as a greasy spoon or diner. We have eaten here before and the Ardmore tea room 6499 Quinpool Road, Halifax is a great place for a hearty, filling(…)


You guessed it if it’s June I must be in Ottawa. This time I met my sister who was out here in business and was able to show her my favourite spots in Ottawa. She was in town for a very short time. The only day she had free time happened to be the day(…)