Got in very late to Halifax. Decided to go to a sports bar called Bubba Ray’s on Spring Garden Road. The interior was a typical sports bar that looked like the designer had a problem choosing TVs so they bought one of everything at the store. There were very few places on the walls that did not(…)


We got in a little late from the airport to the hotel.  I ventured out to do some shopping as I had some gifts I wanted to pick up and to bring some food back home.  I met up with one of the other flight attendants who does the London routes every week. We headed(…)


I had a layover in Winnipeg, Canada again. This time the crew was up to doing something together so I stuck with them. We ventured out to the Towne 8 cinema in downtown Winnipeg for a matinee. There are 3 cinemas in he downtown area this one happened to have a few movies showing that(…)

February Schedule

Well it lookslike February will be a better month for writing about. I will be going to Ottawa, Canada’s capital, New York City, and London, England (twice). I love international travel. Well January was supposed to be uneventful but massive snowstorms in eastern north america disrupted flights all over the world. I was hugely delayed(…)

February in Ottawa

My first layover in a month and I am once again in Canada’s Capital, Ottawa.  Unfortunately I have been greeted by the great Canadian winter. The snow outside is coming down in well whatever snow comes down in, probably not buckets and the temperature is a balmy -16 oC/ 3 oF. Yes you read that(…)


My latest trip to Halifax found me out with my friend, Pat again. This time we went to the eastern passage area of Halifax, a half hour drive from the Halifax harbour. The eastern passage is a collection of what at one time could have been fishing sheds or shacks but are all tourist shops(…)