New York City 1

I am so excited to have a full 24 hours in downtown Manhattan. We took a hired van from La Guardia, NYC’s first airport and does not look like it has changed much, to the financial district of Manhattan. Our drive took us from queens, where the airport is, through Brooklyn, over a bridge to(…)


Well I wasn’t planning in having much to write about for Winnipeg. I figured I would be what we call a “slam clicker”. The sound the door makes shutting and locking behind the flight attendant after checking in. That person would normally stay in their room until pick up from the hotel the next day.(…)


Boy was it cold in Edmonton this weekend.  I did not venture out of the hotel.  During late fall and winter this often happens.  It gets too cold to think about going out. I had a nice relaxing day none the less.  A little exercise, dinner at the pub in the hotel, and some TV(…)