You guessed it if it’s June I must be in Ottawa. This time I met my sister who was out here in business and was able to show her my favourite spots in Ottawa. She was in town for a very short time. The only day she had free time happened to be the day(…)

Ottawa in May

Back in Ottawa after a long winter away. Spring is a busy time in Ottawa, there are lots of festivals in the city, school groups touring and the city is preparing for the super busy summer tourist season. I missed the Parliament buildings over the winter so that was my first stop. I wanted to(…)

February in Ottawa

My first layover in a month and I am once again in Canada’s Capital, Ottawa.  Unfortunately I have been greeted by the great Canadian winter. The snow outside is coming down in well whatever snow comes down in, probably not buckets and the temperature is a balmy -16 oC/ 3 oF. Yes you read that(…)