Packing Tip

Pack this … An Umbrella

Pack this … An Umbrella

I have a very small one that is ultra light and takes up less room than a pair of socks.  It lives in the bottom of my rolling valise.  I cannot tell you how many times it has made an appearance despite how vehemently the weather forecasters predicted sunshine.  It also comes in handy for(…)

Pack this… “girls” stuff

    Men you can stop reading here!   Sanitary napkins. These are a MUST for all women no matter when you are due for using them. Travelling messes with your schedule biologically. Taking pills at the right time everyday is tough and missing a nights sleep can move your cycle around. Bring whatever it is(…)

Pack this…Vicks Vapo-rub

Vick’s vapo-rub. A small thimbleful is enough. Good for colds and smelly situations. You never know how long the voyage of the person sitting next to you has been or if the plane ride is particularly rough, who might lose their lunch. This helps keep you from smelling the offending odour. I was given this idea(…)

Pack this…Snacks

Snacks!!!  Do you hate the selection of food on the plane?  Do you have special dietary needs?  Anyone can bring their own food in your carry-on bag or checked luggage as long as the food passes customs regulations and airport security regulations for liquids and gel, such as yogurt, or humus.  Be aware that generally no fruit, veg, or meat are(…)

Pack this…An Alarm Clock

An alarm clock, travel sized and battery powered.  Most cell phones have them but in some different countries you need an outlet adapter and current converter to plug the in and charge them. Also make sure you can turn off the roaming function on your phone or leave it on airplane mode so you do(…)

Pack This… Pens

Pack a pen in your carry on. You usually have to fill out forms to enter a country.  Most airlines don’t stock for each passenger and Flight attendants cannot give their personal pen out as they need it for emergencies, like writing medical information down if someone falls ill. It is better to use ink to fill(…)

Pack This… Resealable Bags

Pack resealable sandwich bags of a few different sizes. You never know what you are going to buy or encounter. I like bringing extra bags in case I buy something liquid. Since most liquids have to go in your checked luggage and you have no control over how it is handled or placed (upright, on it’s side).(…)