Another Year Older

Another Year Older

I have said before that many a holiday is spent on the road and in the company of coworkers.  Special occasions become as great as you make them.  Being on call this month has been a big adjustment not only has it meant that I am at the beck and call of crew scheduling.  It(…)

February Schedule

Well it lookslike February will be a better month for writing about. I will be going to Ottawa, Canada’s capital, New York City, and London, England (twice). I love international travel. Well January was supposed to be uneventful but massive snowstorms in eastern north america disrupted flights all over the world. I was hugely delayed(…)

Day Trips

January is a pretty different month schedule-wise. I had only one short layover in Ottawa Canada and went out to theByward Market to buy tea at Teaopia, maple syrup at a stand and French books at Librarie du Soleil. I have been doing day trips all month and will continue to do these flights until the end(…)