I’d Buy That…London

I’d Buy That…London

When In London a few of the items I pick up are as follows: – Muffins, Scones, and Crumpets (I have a few friends who prefer actual English muffins, scone, and crumpets to Canadian ones.  In Canada the products tend to be crisper and a little stale tasting my friends feel.) – Desserts ( I have often brought Treacle(…)

NYC in September

I was supposed to be in NY just before the anniversary of September 11 this year but we ended up stuck in Toronto, Canada instead.  I can’t Say I’m not happy to have not been in NY that day. It is a hard day for anyone who works in the airlines, firefighters, police, EMS, New(…)

Sorry for not writing sooner

Okay. I have received a bit of criticism lately. First for not updating my posts in a month and second for writing about food a lot. I will address the second point first. The food. Sometimes I go to a city over and over again. I feel like I am repeating myself if I talk(…)

So I heard…Toronto eats..

  I have terrible luck in Toronto choosing places to eat that aren’t chain restaurants. You may have noticed this in my recent posts about Toronto, Ontario’s capital. I decided to ask around. Here are a couple of suggestions from other flight attendants on Toronto cuisine: Take the subway to Little Italy and try: Cafe(…)

NYC in July.

NYC in July.

Ahhh. Walking through New York in the summer always makes me think of the song “Summer in the City”. There is a reason people leave the city during the stifling summer months. It is HOT. Humidity also plays a role in the feeling of closeness as does the number of tourists roaming the streets. I(…)

Toronto, Canada

Well, again I did not end up where in the city I thought I was going to spend the night. Instead of Winnipeg I ended up in downtown Toronto dead tired. The crew and I went for a short walk as we had not had time to eat most of the day with changed flights and delays.(…)

Los Angeles…. Again

Back in LA again. This time I met up with a friend who lives outside of LA in the Orange County area. He came by my hotel and picked me up and we decided to head to the Hermosa beach area. There were a few parking spots in 15 minute paid street parking but none(…)


Summer has hit Canada’s capital city the streets are filled with visitors and outdoor cafés are in full swing. The only problem with most of the outdoor restaurants on Sparks street is that most seem to have the shish pipes. These are hookah type pipes people smoke some sort of herb in (not tobacco or(…)

Never did get to New York.

Well I was supposed to go to NY for a nice long 20 hour layover but the weather intervened instead i spent the night at an airport hotel just long enough to catch a bit of sleep.  A storm cell brimming with thunder and lightning settled over the big apple and our flight was not(…)