Pack this…Snacks

Snacks!!!  Do you hate the selection of food on the plane?  Do you have special dietary needs?  Anyone can bring their own food in your carry-on bag or checked luggage as long as the food passes customs regulations and airport security regulations for liquids and gel, such as yogurt, or humus.  Be aware that generally no fruit, veg, or meat are(…)


Got in very late to Halifax. Decided to go to a sports bar called Bubba Ray’s on Spring Garden Road. The interior was a typical sports bar that looked like the designer had a problem choosing TVs so they bought one of everything at the store. There were very few places on the walls that did not(…)

Pack this…An Alarm Clock

An alarm clock, travel sized and battery powered.  Most cell phones have them but in some different countries you need an outlet adapter and current converter to plug the in and charge them. Also make sure you can turn off the roaming function on your phone or leave it on airplane mode so you do(…)

I’d Buy That…

One thing flight attendants are known for in the airlines industry is shopping. Every flight attendant has something they only buy in certain cities. “I’d buy that” entries are going to be a list of what I buy in certain cities and short descriptions why.


We got in a little late from the airport to the hotel.  I ventured out to do some shopping as I had some gifts I wanted to pick up and to bring some food back home.  I met up with one of the other flight attendants who does the London routes every week. We headed(…)

Pack This… Pens

Pack a pen in your carry on. You usually have to fill out forms to enter a country.  Most airlines don’t stock for each passenger and Flight attendants cannot give their personal pen out as they need it for emergencies, like writing medical information down if someone falls ill. It is better to use ink to fill(…)


I had a layover in Winnipeg, Canada again. This time the crew was up to doing something together so I stuck with them. We ventured out to the Towne 8 cinema in downtown Winnipeg for a matinee. There are 3 cinemas in he downtown area this one happened to have a few movies showing that(…)


Best known for hosting the winter Olympics of 1988, the Calgary stampede and Exhibition Calgary has Canada’s 4th busiest airport. I got up early and met with friends. Since we had a car we decided to go to the military museum. It is near where the military base used to be in Calgary, not really(…)