Pack This… Resealable Bags

Pack resealable sandwich bags of a few different sizes. You never know what you are going to buy or encounter. I like bringing extra bags in case I buy something liquid. Since most liquids have to go in your checked luggage and you have no control over how it is handled or placed (upright, on it’s side).(…)

Packing Tip…Roll it

I roll EVERYTHING in my bag. Both literally and figuratively. I have to bring a carry on sized suitcase and satchel everywhere I go. It can’t be too heavy or contain things I won’t need. Over the years I have perfected what I need to carry with me for as long as 6 days at(…)

February Schedule

Well it lookslike February will be a better month for writing about. I will be going to Ottawa, Canada’s capital, New York City, and London, England (twice). I love international travel. Well January was supposed to be uneventful but massive snowstorms in eastern north america disrupted flights all over the world. I was hugely delayed(…)

February in Ottawa

My first layover in a month and I am once again in Canada’s Capital, Ottawa.  Unfortunately I have been greeted by the great Canadian winter. The snow outside is coming down in well whatever snow comes down in, probably not buckets and the temperature is a balmy -16 oC/ 3 oF. Yes you read that(…)

Day Trips

January is a pretty different month schedule-wise. I had only one short layover in Ottawa Canada and went out to theByward Market to buy tea at Teaopia, maple syrup at a stand and French books at Librarie du Soleil. I have been doing day trips all month and will continue to do these flights until the end(…)