Los Angeles…. Again

Back in LA again. This time I met up with a friend who lives outside of LA in the Orange County area. He came by my hotel and picked me up and we decided to head to the Hermosa beach area. There were a few parking spots in 15 minute paid street parking but none(…)


Summer has hit Canada’s capital city the streets are filled with visitors and outdoor cafés are in full swing. The only problem with most of the outdoor restaurants on Sparks street is that most seem to have the shish pipes. These are hookah type pipes people smoke some sort of herb in (not tobacco or(…)

Never did get to New York.

Well I was supposed to go to NY for a nice long 20 hour layover but the weather intervened instead i spent the night at an airport hotel just long enough to catch a bit of sleep.  A storm cell brimming with thunder and lightning settled over the big apple and our flight was not(…)


The winds were unfavourable last night and due to airport congestion we did not get in to the hotel until late. I feel sometimes like I say this a lot.  The next morning I opened my drapes to a thick layer of fog covering the city. I was surprised but I guess since the city(…)


I have been trying to figure out how to broach this subject for a while. It became even more at the forefront of my mind when one of my crew members found some when checking his bed upon checking in to the hotel. He changed rooms but I still cannot help but feel icky at(…)

Orlando, Florida

Sometimes things are hard and I don’t feel like going to work, like when I am doing a month of turns. Other times I think to myself that I have the coolest job EVER.  Most of you take a plane to get somewhere either to work or get away from work. I work to get(…)

Boston, Massachusetts

I had what we call a short layover near the airport in Boston. The beauty of Boston is that you can take the train in to the city for $2 and 10 minutes. The downside is the chaos at the arrivals level pick up. The pick up areas are well marked rental car bus picks(…)

Toronto, Canada

The largest city in Canada Toronto is home to most of the cultural venues, baseball stadium, theatres, museums, and the Canadian music, film and television industries. Vancouver is close on Toronto’s heels in these areas but does not quite have the larger  population base yet. Last I read the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) was around(…)

St John’s, Newfoundland

I was pretty boring this weekend. I was really tired from all the long days I had been putting in and find the time change in St John’s wipes me out. Instead of being a few hours or an hour it is an hour and a half ahead of New York or Toronto. I usually(…)

San Francisco, California

We were very late landing in San Fran but in typical fun fashion we went out anyways. .  The Captain had been here quite a bit and suggested an Irish pub.  Union square is a bustling place on a Tuesday night. Foley’s Irish House, 243 O’Farrell Street in Union square had a winding shape to(…)